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A Close Read of The OA’s Controversial Ending

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Written by Brainer11 | Published in Television
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Netflix’s Science fiction Series, The OA, dropped the series surprisingly with just four days’ notice. The series follows Prairie Johnson, Marling, is a story of bizarre blind woman who had gone missing for seven years and come home after surviving jumping off a bridge, which came to notice from a cellphone video. After returning home to her parents, she regained her sight somehow. She start gathering small groups of high school students and an algebra teacher to tell them a story.

She start telling story to four students and a teacher every night-which includes being held in captivity, repeatedly thwarting death, crossing dimensions and gaining supernatural powers – as she teaches them how they can assist her in crossing dimensions.

Brit Marling and Zal Batmanglij co-create the eight episodes of the series with Batmanglij directed each installment.

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