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Amazon is discounting Kindle models by up to $50

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Written by Brainer11 | Published in Business, world news
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It’s never a bad time to buy into e-books. So if you’ve always contemplated picking up a Kindle and happen to have Prime, Amazon has a good incentive to do so now with $30 to $50 discounts on nearly its entire e-reader line.

The Kindle Paperwhite is now just $90, down $30 from its standard price of $120. The standard Kindle is also $30 off, bringing its price down to $50. And the Kindle Voyage, which is almost never discounted, is now $150 after a $50 discount. As Kinja Deals points out, these offers are even better than the Black Friday ones Amazon put out.


The one model left out here is the Kindle Oasis, Amazon’s higher-end e-reader that comes with months-long battery life and a fancy leather carrying case. That device is a bit too opulent for the everyday consumer at $290, so it’s no surprise Amazon isn’t willingly cutting the price on that device.

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