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Frugal 98-year-old vet donates $2 million to wildlife, then adopts elderly Chihuahua

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Written by Brainer11 | Published in Good news
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In his late 90s, Russ Gremel decided it was time to donate $2 million worth of stock to the Illinois Audubon Society. Then, he went and adopted an elderly Chihuahua. Gremel, now 98 years old, said he decided to make the donation while he was still alive so he could be among those who spend time in the Gremel Wildlife Sanctuary. Gremel made this remarkable donation because he purchased $1,000 worth of Walgreens stock some seven decades ago.

This past weekend on Father’s Day, Gremel adopted an elderly Chihuahua. Winnie the dog is about 9 years old, and was picked up as a stray a few months ago. She had some cancerous growths, which were treated. Gremel had lost his own beloved Chihuahua named Tiger II earlier this year. On Sunday, after the adoption became official, Gremel said Winnie would now be known as Tiger III.

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