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Son thanks his mother with epic trip – 20 places for 20 years of devotion for his father

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Written by Brainer11 | Published in Good news
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Thankfulness is the beginning of happiness!!

A 45-year-old Man, Braton Brooks thanked his mother in a very unique way for her compassion for caring his dad for 20 years. He took his mother on a whirlwind trip to 20 European destinations.

Two Decades ago Braton’s father Karl Brooks, 77 suffered a debilitating stroke that left him handicapped and during the period of his suffering her mother Karl cared for his father very passionately. She spent every moment tending to his many needs.

A year ago, Karl passed away and after his death Carla lost her sense of self.


Gregg Goodbrod and his soon-to-be mother-in-law, Carla Brooks

Gregg Goodbrod and his soon-to-be mother-in-law, Carla Brooks

One day Braton brooks was sitting and thinking the brainstorming ways to help his mother to get out of the depression, he than remembered the story of his young mother running away to Europe with her wedding money after knowing that unfaithful then- fiancé.

So he planned to recreate her experience. He set an itinerary based on the slides from his mother’s original trip to Europe in 1962.

So In Sept Barton started his journey with his partner Gregg Goodbrod and Mother Carle, which is currently halfway through visiting 20 different places in Europe. Till now they have explored Paris, Switzerland, Budapest, Stonehenge, Bavaria, London, Prague and Wales. They are sharing their adventures ion their blog, The Little Girl from Kanas.

Sharing his experiences Carla said


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