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Eddie Jones Reveals he will quit his position as England’s head coach after 2019 World Cup

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Written by Brainer11 | Published in sports
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21 Dec

Rugby head coach of England Eddie Jones revealed that he will leave his position after 2019 World Cup in Japan, even his teams wins the tournament.

He was regarded as a success coach as his first year in charge of England was a spectacular success, winning all 13 of their matches in that calendar year.

Announcing his retirement Jones told in an interview, “Four years is enough. It is emotionally draining.”

Praising his team Jones seems proud of his team England that have made this year and he believes there is much more to come from his side.

“England should be the most dominant team in Europe. We should think we can beat everyone,” he said. He added “I want us to have that attitude: we are dominant, the biggest team in Europe and we play like that. Like the old Manchester United side, the same as the All Blacks – the All Blacks have a couple of points’ head-start in games because people expect to be beaten by them. “I want our team to have that. I think we are getting there.”

Eddie Jones previously coached the Australian national team in 2015 Rugby world cup. Currently he is serving England as a head coach of the national rugby union team.

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